Mickey Brown

Mikey Brown (1991)

30 mins B/W

Mikey Brown is a luckless victim of the early 90s recession, living on welfare, haplessly looking for work and in love with his new flatmate, the hard-to-impress Annie. On his way back from another ill-fated employment opportunity, Mikey encounters Sean Connery, down on his luck and living in a concrete pipe. Can Sean’s Bond-like seduction techniques help him lure the unwilling Annie?

Meanwhile Mikey's friend Ross is being hunted by a Cockney gangster with a line in bad puns. A classic Leith Media Group Film with rare footage of pre-Yuppie Leith in the early 1990s.


  • Cast James Watt, Deborah Farnish, Paul Bruce, James Reid
  • Screenplay Paul Bruce
  • Directed by Paul Bruce & James Reid