Karaoke Killers

The Karaoke Killers (2008)

16 mins Colour

"Karaoke Killers" Still

Set in the murderous world of Karaoke competition, Natasha dreams of being a Karaoke star, encouraged by Mumsie – her ruthless and obsessive mother.
Meanwhile, the rule of reigning champion the Babymaker is under threat by Bernie and his psychotic partner Otto. Can Natasha survive the bloodshed and take to the stage at last, or will she be just another victim of the Karaoke Killers?


  • Bernie Arthur Finlay
  • Tunnel Victim Paul Bruce
  • Psycho Otto Iain Stephen
  • Wheels Stephen Laskowski
  • Natasha Esther Cohen
  • Mumsie Margaret Henderson
  • Babymaker David Barclay
  • Mr Scrimgeour James Watt
  • Piper Dougal Burnett
  • Backing Singer Laura Fyfe
  • Gillian 1 Gillian Potts
  • Gillian 2 Gillian Dye

~ ~ ~

  • Lighting Margaret Henderson
  • Driving Stephen Laskowski
  • Costumes Paul Bruce & Margaret Henderson
  • Sound Recording Margaret Henderson & David Barclay
  • Editing Arthur Finlay & Paul Bruce
  • Music Arthur Finlay, David Barclay & Iain Stevens
  • Score performed by David Barclay, Arthur Finlay & Esther Cohen
  • Cinematography Lou McLoughlan
  • Production Assistants Debbie Farnish & Margaret Henderson
  • Lighting provided by Ailie Cohen
  • Screenplay Paul Bruce
  • Directors Paul Bruce & Arthur Finlay
  • Producers Paul Bruce, Arthur Finlay & Margaret Henderson