The Buckshee Countess

The Buckshee Countess (2009)

16 mins B/W

"The Buckshee Countess" Still

In a crumbling mansion house, lost in the middle of a dense wood, a bankrupt Countess dreams of lost glories. With her Butler she embarks on a plan to abduct and enslave callers and force them to work as her unpaid domestic servants. The plan begins to go awry when the Butler falls for Beth, one of the captives.


  • The Countess Keiran Ure
  • Beth Simpson Tonia Flynn
  • The Butler Billy Wilson
  • Marge Margaret Henderson
  • Teresa Pamela Gladstone
  • Det. Fisher Fraser Goodall
  • Poker Shark David Barclay
  • The Dealer Wes McCardle
  • Driver Rod Peat

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  • Lighting Jack Finlay
  • Sound Recording David Barclay
  • Costumes Margaret Henderson
  • Make-Up Margaret Henderson
  • Catering Deborah Farnish
  • Sound Production Mark Finlay
  • Script Editor Emma Beeby
  • Continuity Justine Blair
  • Screenplay Paul Bruce
  • Edited by Jack Finlay
  • Music Dmytro Morykit
  • Director of Photography Mark Finlay
  • Producer Margaret Henderson
  • Directed by Paul Bruce