The Kings of Calamity

The Kings of Calamity (2011)

16 mins Widescreen

"The Kings of Calamity" Still

Revenge is in the air and blood will be spilled when Johnny sets out to get the
big promotion at the Health & Safety Department.

His rival, Archie looks like the favourite to seal the job but Johnny has a desperate plan to stop him.
Will his sacrifice pay off?

‘A man should never fool around with sledgehammers!’

The Kings of Calamity, with Brett Morrison, Fraser Goodall, Lily Carrie and Margaret Henderson
shot on location in East Lothian, Scotland.


  • Archie Cowan Fraser Goodall
  • Johnny Brett Morrison
  • Tracey Lily Carrie
  • Mumsie Margaret Henderson
  • The Boss David Barclay
  • Angler Danny Judge
  • Spacehopper Man Billy Wilson
  • Spacehopper Kid Heather Bruce
  • Firework Party Mum Norma Henderson
  • Firework Party Kid 1 Becky Farnish
  • Firework Party Kid 2 Sophie Farnish
  • Gardener Ron Farnish
  • Funeral Extras Chris Farnish , Debbie Bruce, Hazel Kennedy
  • Shopkeeper Paul Bruce

~ ~ ~

  • Lights Mark Finlay
  • Make-up Margaret Henderson
  • Artwork Justine Blair
  • Storyboards Debbie Bruce,sophie Farnish, Becky Farnish
  • Sound Recording Billy Reid
  • Photographic Effects Margaret Henderson
  • Script Supervisor Margaret Henderson & Deborah Bruce
  • Production Assistant Deborah Bruce
  • Transport Margaret Henderson & Christine Farnish
  • Still Photography Mark Finlay & Billy Wilson
  • Soundtrack Iain Stephen
  • Editor Mark Finlay
  • Screenplay Paul Bruce & Gregor Fergie
  • Cinematography Mark Finlay
  • Director Paul Bruce
  • Producers Paul Bruce & Margaret Henderson

Thanks to:

Longniddry Parish Church and Chris and Ron Farnish for the use of their property,
Sophie & Becky for kindly agreeing to appear in the film and also to Heather
for her jumping and the kind use of her spacehopper.

Thanks to Hazel, Mags, Christine and Jamie for providing transport
and thanks also to Gary Proffitt for borrowing the fishing gear and
a word too, for the great safety equipment provided by Henderson’s Builders!