Sockzilla! (2012)

18 mins Colour

Sockzilla eats a Taxi!

A corrupt New York City official has been secretly dumping toxic waste into the bay, unknowingly creating a giant man-eating mutation with a hunger for human flesh!

The Mayor’s Day Parade descends into chaos and carnage as not even the army can halt it’s relentless march of destruction!

All the stands between this blood-crazed beast and the city’s total destruction are a small, neurotic New Yorker and a giant robot controlled by a crazy German scientist!


    • Archie Cowan Fraser Goodall
    • Tugboat Worker 1 Alex Fthenakis
    • Tugboat Worker 2 Paul Bruce
    • Mayor Joe Peat
    • Wayne Alex Fthenakis
    • Francine Laura Blackthorne
    • Louis Neil Mcewan
    • End Is Nigh Alex Fthenakis
    • Professor Paul Bruce
    • General Alex Fthenakis
    • Soldier 1 Alex Fthenakis
    • Soldier 2 Paul Bruce
    • Soldier 3 Neil Mcewan
    • Mayor’s Wife Helen-marie O’malley
    • Lead Samba Girl Helen-marie O’malley
    • Sockzilla’s Roars Scoop Barclay
    • Puppetteers Margaret Henderson, Gregor Fergie,


  • Justine Blair & Deborah Farnish



~ ~ ~

    • Lighting Rico Mcvitie
    • Production Assistant Justine Blair
    • Puppets Designed By Margaret Henderson
    • Sets Designed By Margaret Henderson
    • Props Designed By Margaret Henderson
    • Special Effects Gregor Fergie
    • Editor Paul Bruce
    • Theme Tune By The Fnords
    • Soundtrack Joe Peat
    • Dop Paul Bruce
    • Screenplay Paul Bruce & Gregor Fergie
    • Sound Effects Joe Peat
    • Sound Dubs Joe Peat
    • Director Paul Bruce
    • Production Art James Reid

Paul Bruce