Wednesday 21 October 2015

Great that Godhammer – The Big AC is being screened at Thistle Nights at the Banshee Labyrinth on Thursday October 29th!
Looks like fun and we’re holding a Q and A session with Paul, Mags and Will!

Thistle Nights

Thursday September 17th 2015

Excited that ‘Sockzilla!’ was selected for the first ever Blueprint (Scottish Independent Short Film showcase) at the prestigious Glasgow Film Theatre!
Thanks to Hans Lucas and the Blueprint team for a fabulous night of short film, a great Q and A and a packed house for Sockzilla!
All round a fine night out, much enjoyed by the whole team as you can see!


Thursday August 6th 2015

Very pleased that Godhammer has been selected for screening at the Celtic Mystery Festival which runs at Edinburgh’s

Corn Exchange on Friday 7th August and Saturday 8th August.

Hope they like the graveyards in episode 2!









Celtic Mystery Festival


Sunday August 2nd 2015

‘Sockzilla!’ is being screened as part of the Motion Creatures short film season at Woodland Creatures on Leith Walk during the Fringe, looks like they’re exhibiting a good selection of short films as well, the screening is on Monday 10 August at 8pm..the Fringe at last!

Motion Creatures

Saturday 25th July 2015

Loch Ness Film Festival screened Godhammer (Kung Fu Zombies) this evening and we were pleased that the film was well-received!

In attendence was Derek Frey, Tim Burton’s producer so it’s a film festival with a bit of pulling power!

The Festival was great fun and although there is a hiatus next year, hopefully we will be back again soon!

DSC02982  DSC02976







Friday 23 January 2015

Delighted to announce that Godhammer won 2 awards at last night’s Raptor Filmz Scottish Short Film Awards!

Best Script
Best Costumes/Make Up

We’re very pleased naturally especially as the programme was of such a high standard so it’s a real honour to win!


awards small

Friday 9th January 2015

Snoovies can’t stop tweeting about our puppets!



Sunday January 4th 2015

Do good things happen in threes? Dunno yet, but number 2 this week is that Godhammer Episode 2 has been selected for the Raptor Films Scottish Short Film Awards 2015!

The finalists are being screened on Friday 23rd January 2015 at the Bathgate Regal Cinema, doors open at 7pm, we’re planning to send a delegation along so hopefully we’ll have some pictures to follow!


Monday January 1st 2015

The Berlin Festival of British Film are screening of ‘Sockzilla!’ in the Sputnik Kino Bar 15th-19th January 2015!
First Laurel wreaths of the year already!
Watch this space for more new Godhammer photos and some info on a new flying saucer puppet short in the works!


Monday 17th November 2014

Thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Aberfeldy Film Festival (patron: Alan Cumming) it’s a charmingly quintessential Perthshire town and a friendly and hospitable film festival – they are especially generous with the glasses of Aberfeldy malt!
We didn’t win but since only 6 films made it to the finals we’re honoured to have been nominated, we’ve also been invited back in 2015 as they want to show ‘Sockzilla!’ again as well as have a q and a session with some of the crew so we’are already looking forward to going back!



Thursday 6th November 2014

We are delighted to announce that ‘Sockzilla!’ has been nominated as a finalist for the 2014 Palme Dewar Short Film Awards sponsored by Dewar’s Whisky!

The finalists are being screened at the Aberfeldy Film Festival on Saturday November 15th and we’re planning on sending a delegation along so, hopefully, we’ll have some photos and more info after the festival! Fingers crossed!

Palme Dewar Short Film Awards


Sunday 12th October 2014

Just back from the AFF 2014 weekend, where ‘Sockzilla!’ and ‘Zombie Asockalypse’ were both screened at the Cineworld in Union Square wonderful people, lovely event, very much enjoyed the trip! We were also lucky enough to meet the Student Academy Award nominated film-maker Damon Mohl all the way from Indiana as well as festival co-ordinators Amy and Stewart and Lynn Keith the Festival Director.


Sunday 28th September 2014

We’re delighted to announce that Sockzilla! and Zombie Asockalypse have been selected for screening at the Aberdeen Film Festival!
Zombie Asockalypse screens on Sunday October 5th and Sockzilla! gets its Aberdeen premiere on Saturday Oct 11th!

We’re planning to go up for the weekend of the 11th and very much looking forward to seeing the films on at the big screen in the Aberdeen Cineworld in Union Square!

Aberdeen Film Festival

Thursday 31 July 2014

Quite excited to find out we’ve been selected for a double-bill exhibition of BOTH ‘Zombie Asockalypse’ AND ‘Sockzilla!’ at the Hackney Wicked Arts Festival!

Back to back screenings of the nations top two puppet films made inside a washing machine delivery box and as approved by Mark Kermode as well as Toby Jones (well, they were nearly approved by Toby Jones). So get yourself down to the Swan Wharf Arts Venue in Hackney Wick this weekend, where we’ll be playing alongside some (better-paid) artistes and performers for the duration!

For more details see..
Hackney Wicked Arts Festival 2014

Monday July 21st July 2014

Sockzilla! is screening at the Loch Ness Film Festival on Friday July 25th, the LNFF is a terrific festival, very lively and lots of fun, great for making new friends, in short a lovely weekend in Drumnadrochit, whats not to like?!

Wednesday July 2nd 2014

Paul’s comedy short story ‘The Panthers of Rannoch Moor’ published recently in The Grind arts journal has been (kindly) reviewed by Georgina Parfit in Towerbabel!

So if you need some summer reading material while waiting for your luggage to get onto the carousel at Magaluf airport – or alternatively if you’re me – while waiting in the queue for the Megabus to Arbroath – the link to the review and short story are here!

The Panthers Of Rannoch Moor


Saturday June 28th 2014

Sockzilla! Played to a lively and enthusiastic crowd at the Glasgow School of Art tonight at what was the film’s Glasgow Premiere. The film screened before the premiere of Night of the Bloody Antlers so thanks to Sarah Glass  for organising the event, it was great fun!

paul and gregor photo 1

Saturday May 1st 2014

Dark Harbour starts it’s run at the American Online Film Awards today!
The film is on for 2 weeks and is in with a chance of selection for the awards ceremony in New York in Deecember!
You can see Dark Harbour at the following link:

Dark Harbour at the American Online Film Awards



Thursday May 1st 2014

Sockzilla! Plays at the Landed Festival in Powys Wales this weekend!

Landed Festival

Friday April 11th 2014

Independent Days Film Festival screens ‘Sockzilla!’ at the Schauberg Cinema, Karlsruhe, Germany. Lucky enough to be there for the screening, a warm welcome from the organisers and a q and a session,
The film was very well received by a large audience who were very kind about the German Professor’s accent!

schauberg side view




Monday March 31st 2014


I’ve been lucky enough to have a short story published in the Grind magazine, they’ve titled it Panthers although it’s actually called The Panthers of Rannoch Moor. Better than an hour on the cludgie with TV Quick guaranteed! Also I offer a prize if you can guess which real-live celebrity the main character is based on!


The Grind short story collection

Sunday March 30 2014

A bit short notice this but there will be a screening of  a selection of Oaty Hill shorts including Godhammer, Sockzilla!, Zombie Asockalypse plus The Karaoke Killers as well as some other Edinburgh-made short films as part of the Hidden Door Arts Festival on Friday June 4th!

The screenings start at 3pm!


Oaty Hill at Hidden Door Arts Festival

Sunday January 18th 2014

We have quite a big few months ahead for Oaty Hill!

MARCH – sees the premiere of Alexandre O Philippe’s feature-length film ‘Doc of the Dead’ featuring clips from Zombie Asockalypse at SXSW in Texas

APRIL – Sockzilla! is up for best low-budget short at the Independent Days Film Festival in Karlsruhe

MAY – Dark Harbour opens in the American Online Film Awards

On top of that we shall shortly have completed work on the first 2 episodes of Godhammer! Currently in  negotiations with interested parties! #

Hold on to your hats!

Saturday 17th January 2014

We are very pleased to announce that Solckzilla! has been selected for the Independent Days Film Festival in Germany where it is up for another award in the best low-budget short film category! Hey, we qualified for Europe!

The festival is in Karlsruhe near Baden in Southern Germany, and takes place in early April! More info as and when!

Independent Days

Saturday 10th January 2014

We are proud to announce that Sockzilla!won no less than FIVE judges awards at the Raptorz Scottish Short Film Awards last night!

We won:






It’s great that Mags and Gregor were able to represent Oaty Hill Productions at the event and heres a nice photo of them with the awards!






Looks like we could be keeping the local frame-makers busy!

Wednesday January 8th 2013

Here it is! We finally completed the Opening Sequence to Godhammer! The pre-credit scene with the Pope and opening titles and music!

Starring Will Samson as Father Walter!
Big Mags Henderson as Sister Beatrice!
Fraser Goodall as Pope John McCabe!

With music by Joe Peat of Peatsonic studios and there’s even a bit of graphic imagery supplied by the trembling hands of Gregor Fergie (lay off the vodka Gregor!)

I love it when a plan comes together!



Monday 30th December 2013


Just heard our 2009 noir-influenced black comedy, ‘Dark Harbour’ has made the Official Selection for the American Online Film Festival!

The film will appear in the Spring showcase of the Festival and we hope will make it to the December final and the award ceremony in New York December 2014!

We’ll post more details later next year!

American Online Film Festival 2014

Monday November 11th 2013

Our short film, Nuns of Evil, the inspiration for Godhammer, is being screened at the Shooting People event on Monday November 11th at the Banshee Labyrinth. The event kicks off at 7pm and is free with lots of other great shorts!

Saturday 21 September 2013

The Evening News has published a photo story covering the Godhammer Zombie episode we started shooting last weekend!
Here’s the full story.. love the picture!

Evening News and Godhammer

Wednesday 18 September 2013

British Film Review site  ‘Horror Cult Movies’ has published lengthy reviews of both Zombie Asockalypse and Sockzilla!

We’re pleased that the reviews are very favourable!!

You can read them  at the following links:

Zombie Asockalypse



Also check out the website for all the latest news and reviews on Horror and Cult film!

Love the logo – a zombie hand clutching a film ticket!

Horror Cult Films

Monday 9th September 2013

Just back from the Screenplay Film Festival 2013 in Lerwick where they screened a double-bill of Zombie Asockalypse and Sockzilla! to an appreciative audience  on the Saturday night and they even threw in a puppet parade and took us on a boat trip whale-watching with Mark Kermode!

Great weekend and a fantastic film festival in a stunning venue, the purpose-built Mareel cinema!

Hope to be back again soon in the meantime watch out for the video blog  of the festival we are currently editing!


Saturday 27th July 2013

Nuns of Evil screened at one of our favourite festivals the Loch Ness Film Festival on Saturday 27th July at the Craigmonie Centre in Drumnadrochit. A really friendly festival in beautiful surroundings with friendly people and some fine beverages, what’s not to like!!

Loch Ness Film Festival

Sunday 14th July 2013

Someone has just pointed out a tiny mention for Zombie Asockalypse in an article in the Guardian! Very complimentary, even if it does accuse us of being bonkers! But then we knew that already anyway, didn’t we?

Friday 05th July 2013

The Screenplay Film Festival, curated by Mark Kermode, is to host a double-bill of our animated shorts Zombie Asockalypse and Sockzilla! The Festival this year runs 31 August – 7 September and we’re hoping to send a small delegation along..Hit the North!

Friday 5th May 2013

Edinburgh’s monthly short film night will be screening Sockzilla! at their usual haunt in the Banchee Labyrinth on Monday 8th April.

Promises to be another fun night and some heavy socialising involved!

Here’s the  link

which also contains a nice photo of the sock-based lizard king himself!


Wednesday 20th March 2013

Zombie Asockalypse is up for yet another award!

The Bootleg Film Festival short film awards are on Sunday night at the Banshee Labyrinth. Not sure what the prize is, but the bar is open till 3am so who cares!!

Here’s a link

Fingers crossed!

Friday March 15 2013

Great night at the Nuns of Evil launch night last night, 70 people turned up for the launch and apart form some spoof trailers and a performance Scoop’s crazy choir, the Punk Monks we had a great reception for the first ever screening of Nuns of Evil!

Heres a link to the fabulous dvd cover designed by James ‘Jamesy’ Reid our resident graphic designer and punk veteran.
Hammer Films would have snapped him up 40 years ago but he was only 5 years old at the time!  See what we mean here!



Thursday 14th March 2013


Production has finally completed on Nuns of Evil and the first dvd has rolled off the burner!
Just in the nick of time as the cast & crew screening is tomorrow..phew!

Cast and Crew screening is tomorrow at 8pm at the Granary in Leith – entry free and we’re throwing in some spoof trailers, a gig by the Punk Monks and a small B feature short! Feel free to drop by!

Sunday March 10th 2013

Nuns of Evil close to finish line! Cast and Crew screening is Friday March 15th 8pm at the Granary, including some offbeat trailers and a live performance by Scoop’s man-band ‘The Punk Monks’! Doors open 7.30pm! Free!! That’s right, it’s all free!

Friday March 8th 2013

Renderyard the horror film festival and horror film distributors loved Zombie Asockalypse so much, they wanted to distribute it for us via their online marketing system!

Heres a link

Tuesday 05 February 2013

The trailer for the short film compilation dvd featuring The Kings of Calamity has been released!
It features some nice shots of Jamie and Mags as well as yours truly and clips of some of the other shorts, check out the link here

Friday 01 February 2013

Big thanks to the huge turnout for ‘Sockzilla!’ great to see another full house at the Granary!
The night was fantastic with a storming set by the Fnords followed by the first public screening of the film!
Photos of the night can be found here

Monday 28th January 2012

Paul was interviewed recently by Chris Young, founder of the Scottish Short Film Festival Awards at the Grosvenor Cinema in Glasgow.
The Kings of Calamity was nominated for an award at the event and the interview is to help promote a compilation dvd of the best shorts of 2012.
The dvd will be released in a few months but, in the meantime, Chris has posted Paul’s interview about the making of the film on-line!

Check out the full interview here!

Monday 28th January 2012

Zombie Asockalypse was reviewed today in the film review site Moviescramble! Looks like it’s thumbs-up for those crazy cotton killers! Check out the full review here… some nice pics of the cast’s arms in there somewhere!


Sunday 20th January 2013

The trailer for Sockzilla! has been completed and uploaded to the internet!
Check out the trailer here

And hang on to your garters!

Monday January 14th 2013

The Kings of Calamity has been selected for inclusion in a ‘Best of 2012’ Scottish short film compilation DVD.
Paul has been interviewed for the DVD by Chris Young and the interview along with the short film will appear on the DVD due for release in February.

Wednesday 12th December 2012

Sockzilla! has completed production! After 2 long years in production, the puppet monster movie epic was finlly completed and
the first dvd rolled off the hard drive on Wednesday 12/12/2012 at 8.30am (couldn’t wait till 12 noon!!)


Script finished

Storyboard completed, work started on the Mayor’s balcony. Mayor’s balcony completed and then destroyed and reconstructed from scratch!

MARCH 2011
Dialogue recorded

Most work completed on props, sets and puppets

Filming commenced – remaining sets/props completed on a ‘need to have’ basis.
Sockzilla breaks his jaw during a brutally realistic fight scene
Francine loses her scalp, this has to be re-stitched back on!
The Mayor and Professor covered in a wave of blood, this was a one take shot!!

Editing commenced

MARCH 2012
Filming completed

JULY 2012
CGI, Titling, Title Cards, Credits Completed. Editing finished

JULY 2012
Work started on Sound Effects, Sound Mix and Soundtrack music

Sound edit completed

12 DECEMBER 2012
First DVD burned!

Sunday December 2nd 2012

The Kings of Calamity was nominated for the Scottish Short Film Awards at the Grosvenor Cinema in Glasgow!

We attended the award ceremony on Sunday December 2nd and although we didn’t win the award, it was an honour to be nominated and the film was very well-received by the audience!


Saturday 27th October 2012

Mags has created a short You Tube film excerpt from a BBC Radio 5 broadcast featuring Mark Kermode and Shetland Arts Kathy Hubbard having a chat about your favourite zombie sock puppet film and Kathy presents Mark with his very own sock puppet avatar!

Mark Kermode proud to be a sock!

‘It’s the best film about zombies ever made with sock puppets inside a washing machine! And I told them they could put that on the poster’ – Mark Kermode

‘We don’t have a poster’ – Oaty Hill Productions


Saturday 27th October 2012

Zombie Asocklaypse is scheduled to appear in Alexandre O Philippe’s feature documentary ‘Doc of the Dead’ as a teaser he’s included a clip (featuring Gregor!) as part of the promo trailer for the film! Check it out here!

Doc of the Dead Trailer

The film also features Simon Pegg and even Alex Cox (did he make a zombie film? Must’ve missed it if he did!)

The documentary is scheduled for cinema release in 2014 so hopefully ZA will make some waves!