Nuns of Evil

Nuns of EvilĀ  (2013)

13 mins 53 secs Colour

Nuns of Evil

Amid a barren landscape, an eerie convent generates a sinister influence. The local men-folk have been posted missing or found with their minds shattered beyond repair.

Father Walter, a suspicious cleric, has been sent by the church authorities to investigate the work of the convent, which is run by a mysterious and obsessive Mother Superior, a former brain surgeon who joined the church after a failed relationship.
She is assisted by Sister Natasha, a young, impressionable nun who has fallen under the Mother Superior’s warped influence and the psychopathic mallet-wielding nun SisterBeatrice.

The shocking discoveries Father Walter makes at the convent put not just his life in danger but his mind and soul are to be tested to breaking point…



Father Walter -Will Samson
Mother Superior-Helen-Marie O’Malley
Sister Beatrice-Margaret Henderson
Sister Natasha-Clarisse Loughrey
Sister Bertina-Ian Schofield
Sister Belinda-Keiran Ure
Sister Angelica-Sian Hickson
The Poacher-Fraser Goodall
Sister Claire-Lily Carrie
The Gardener-David Barclay


Make Up-Margaret Henderson
Lights-Jack Finlay
Sound recording-Billy Wilson
Production Art-Margaret Henderson & Justine Blair
Script Supervisor-Margaret Henderson & Debbie Farnish
Set Dresser-Justine Blair
Props-Margaret Henderson & Debbie Farnish
Continuity-Debbie Farnish & Philip Veneruso
Transport-Margaret Henderson & Will Samson
Catering-Rico McVitie
Hardcore Posing-David Barclay
Costumes-Margaret Henderson & Debbie Farnish
Aerial Photography-John Sanderson
Blood Technician-Justine Blair
Title Art-James Reid & Gregor Fergie
Poster Design-James Reid
Talking Brain-Mark Finlay
Sound Effects-Mark Finlay
Editor-Mark Finlay
Music-Joe Peat
Cinematography-Mark Finlay
Screenplay-Paul Bruce
Director-Paul Bruce
Producers-Margaret Henderson & Paul Buce