Nuns of Evil  (2013)

13 mins 53 secs Colour

Nuns of Evil

Amid a barren landscape, an eerie convent generates a sinister influence. The local men-folk have been posted missing or found with their minds shattered beyond repair.

Father Walter, a suspicious cleric, has been sent by the church authorities to investigate the work of the convent, which is run by a mysterious and obsessive Mother Superior, a former brain surgeon who joined the church after a failed relationship.
She is assisted by Sister Natasha, a young, impressionable nun who has fallen under the Mother Superior’s warped influence and the psychopathic mallet-wielding nun SisterBeatrice.

The shocking discoveries Father Walter makes at the convent put not just his life in danger but his mind and soul are to be tested to breaking point…



Father Walter -Will Samson
Mother Superior-Helen-Marie O’Malley
Sister Beatrice-Margaret Henderson
Sister Natasha-Clarisse Loughrey
Sister Bertina-Ian Schofield
Sister Belinda-Keiran Ure
Sister Angelica-Sian Hickson
The Poacher-Fraser Goodall
Sister Claire-Lily Carrie
The Gardener-David Barclay


Make Up-Margaret Henderson
Lights-Jack Finlay
Sound recording-Billy Wilson
Production Art-Margaret Henderson & Justine Blair
Script Supervisor-Margaret Henderson & Debbie Farnish
Set Dresser-Justine Blair
Props-Margaret Henderson & Debbie Farnish
Continuity-Debbie Farnish & Philip Veneruso
Transport-Margaret Henderson & Will Samson
Catering-Rico McVitie
Hardcore Posing-David Barclay
Costumes-Margaret Henderson & Debbie Farnish
Aerial Photography-John Sanderson
Blood Technician-Justine Blair
Title Art-James Reid & Gregor Fergie
Poster Design-James Reid
Talking Brain-Mark Finlay
Sound Effects-Mark Finlay
Editor-Mark Finlay
Music-Joe Peat
Cinematography-Mark Finlay
Screenplay-Paul Bruce
Director-Paul Bruce
Producers-Margaret Henderson & Paul Buce


Sockzilla! (2012)

18 mins Colour

Sockzilla eats a Taxi!

A corrupt New York City official has been secretly dumping toxic waste into the bay, unknowingly creating a giant man-eating mutation with a hunger for human flesh!

The Mayor’s Day Parade descends into chaos and carnage as not even the army can halt it’s relentless march of destruction!

All the stands between this blood-crazed beast and the city’s total destruction are a small, neurotic New Yorker and a giant robot controlled by a crazy German scientist!


    • Archie Cowan Fraser Goodall
    • Tugboat Worker 1 Alex Fthenakis
    • Tugboat Worker 2 Paul Bruce
    • Mayor Joe Peat
    • Wayne Alex Fthenakis
    • Francine Laura Blackthorne
    • Louis Neil Mcewan
    • End Is Nigh Alex Fthenakis
    • Professor Paul Bruce
    • General Alex Fthenakis
    • Soldier 1 Alex Fthenakis
    • Soldier 2 Paul Bruce
    • Soldier 3 Neil Mcewan
    • Mayor’s Wife Helen-marie O’malley
    • Lead Samba Girl Helen-marie O’malley
    • Sockzilla’s Roars Scoop Barclay
    • Puppetteers Margaret Henderson, Gregor Fergie,


  • Justine Blair & Deborah Farnish



~ ~ ~

    • Lighting Rico Mcvitie
    • Production Assistant Justine Blair
    • Puppets Designed By Margaret Henderson
    • Sets Designed By Margaret Henderson
    • Props Designed By Margaret Henderson
    • Special Effects Gregor Fergie
    • Editor Paul Bruce
    • Theme Tune By The Fnords
    • Soundtrack Joe Peat
    • Dop Paul Bruce
    • Screenplay Paul Bruce & Gregor Fergie
    • Sound Effects Joe Peat
    • Sound Dubs Joe Peat
    • Director Paul Bruce
    • Production Art James Reid

Paul Bruce

Scoop of the Year (2011)

14 mins Colour

"Scoop of the Year" Still

Whilst reporting on a local girl, Laura who has gone missing, journalist and full-time loser Sam Stagg falls in love with her through her photographs. His search for Laura leads him into dark waters and into conflict with her strange and sinister family. Beaten up, electrocuted and sacked, his troubles only make him more determined to find her, but when he finally tracks her down will she share his feelings?


  • Sam Stagg Iain Monteath
  • Laura Curdle/Olive Curdle Claire Carrie
  • Mr Curdle Fraser Goodall
  • Mrs Curdle Keiran Ure
  • Big Baby McLeod Ian Schofield
  • Newspaper Editor Tonia Flynn
  • Schoolteacher Norma Henderson
  • Little Girl Heather Bruce
  • Chloe Pamela Gladstone
  • Pete Richard McMullan
  • Office Extras Debbie Farnish, Jen Pierce
  • Betty the Tea Lady Margaret Henderson
  • Rocco Billy Wilson

~ ~ ~

  • Lighting Mark Finlay
  • Models Margaret Henderson
  • Stills Photography Mark Finlay
  • Script Supervisor Justine Blair
  • Continuity Debbie Farnish
  • Transport Margaret Henderson, Claire Carrie
  • Editing Mark Finlay
  • Make-Up Margaret Henderson
  • Sound Design Mark Finlay
  • Soundtrack Auxerre
  • Sound Production Mark Finlay
  • Sound Recording Billy Wilson
  • Director of Photography Mark Finlay
  • Screenplay Paul Bruce
  • Produced by Paul Bruce, Margaret Henderson
  • Directed by Paul Bruce

Thanks to:

Paul Ryan, Edinburgh ScreenworkS,
Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

The Body Academy, Perth

Ron & Chris Farnish, Longniddry

The Kings of Calamity (2011)

16 mins Widescreen

"The Kings of Calamity" Still

Revenge is in the air and blood will be spilled when Johnny sets out to get the
big promotion at the Health & Safety Department.

His rival, Archie looks like the favourite to seal the job but Johnny has a desperate plan to stop him.
Will his sacrifice pay off?

‘A man should never fool around with sledgehammers!’

The Kings of Calamity, with Brett Morrison, Fraser Goodall, Lily Carrie and Margaret Henderson
shot on location in East Lothian, Scotland.


  • Archie Cowan Fraser Goodall
  • Johnny Brett Morrison
  • Tracey Lily Carrie
  • Mumsie Margaret Henderson
  • The Boss David Barclay
  • Angler Danny Judge
  • Spacehopper Man Billy Wilson
  • Spacehopper Kid Heather Bruce
  • Firework Party Mum Norma Henderson
  • Firework Party Kid 1 Becky Farnish
  • Firework Party Kid 2 Sophie Farnish
  • Gardener Ron Farnish
  • Funeral Extras Chris Farnish , Debbie Bruce, Hazel Kennedy
  • Shopkeeper Paul Bruce

~ ~ ~

  • Lights Mark Finlay
  • Make-up Margaret Henderson
  • Artwork Justine Blair
  • Storyboards Debbie Bruce,sophie Farnish, Becky Farnish
  • Sound Recording Billy Reid
  • Photographic Effects Margaret Henderson
  • Script Supervisor Margaret Henderson & Deborah Bruce
  • Production Assistant Deborah Bruce
  • Transport Margaret Henderson & Christine Farnish
  • Still Photography Mark Finlay & Billy Wilson
  • Soundtrack Iain Stephen
  • Editor Mark Finlay
  • Screenplay Paul Bruce & Gregor Fergie
  • Cinematography Mark Finlay
  • Director Paul Bruce
  • Producers Paul Bruce & Margaret Henderson

Thanks to:

Longniddry Parish Church and Chris and Ron Farnish for the use of their property,
Sophie & Becky for kindly agreeing to appear in the film and also to Heather
for her jumping and the kind use of her spacehopper.

Thanks to Hazel, Mags, Christine and Jamie for providing transport
and thanks also to Gary Proffitt for borrowing the fishing gear and
a word too, for the great safety equipment provided by Henderson’s Builders!

The Buckshee Countess (2009)

16 mins B/W

"The Buckshee Countess" Still

In a crumbling mansion house, lost in the middle of a dense wood, a bankrupt Countess dreams of lost glories. With her Butler she embarks on a plan to abduct and enslave callers and force them to work as her unpaid domestic servants. The plan begins to go awry when the Butler falls for Beth, one of the captives.


  • The Countess Keiran Ure
  • Beth Simpson Tonia Flynn
  • The Butler Billy Wilson
  • Marge Margaret Henderson
  • Teresa Pamela Gladstone
  • Det. Fisher Fraser Goodall
  • Poker Shark David Barclay
  • The Dealer Wes McCardle
  • Driver Rod Peat

~ ~ ~

  • Lighting Jack Finlay
  • Sound Recording David Barclay
  • Costumes Margaret Henderson
  • Make-Up Margaret Henderson
  • Catering Deborah Farnish
  • Sound Production Mark Finlay
  • Script Editor Emma Beeby
  • Continuity Justine Blair
  • Screenplay Paul Bruce
  • Edited by Jack Finlay
  • Music Dmytro Morykit
  • Director of Photography Mark Finlay
  • Producer Margaret Henderson
  • Directed by Paul Bruce

Dark Harbour (2009)

13 mins B/W

"Dark Harbour" Still

Madame Zola is an itinerant fraudulent psychic who travels from town to town, preying on the credulous – accompanied by her reluctant accomplice, her daughter Marie. Suffering from a terminal illness, Madame Zola takes out her bitterness on her victims, alienating Marie and causing conflict and resentment among the gullible villagers. A noir-influenced black comedy.


Margaret Henderson, Esther Cohen, Keiran Ure, Tonia Flynn, Fraser Goodall

Directed by Paul Bruce, Screenplay by Paul Bruce, Music by David Barclay,
Music for the trailer written by Dmytro Morykit,
Cinematography by Mark Finlay

Production Notes

The Film was shot in Edinburgh, and in rural East Lothian in the United Kingdom during the winter of 2009.

Several aspects of the film were shot under extremely trying circumstances: the lighting control pack didn’t work which caused the lights to flicker continuously. We got around this by introducing a close-up of a candle; this lulls the audience into thinking the flickering was candlelight! No one has ever commented on the light flickering at any screening!

We achieved the shot where we look up through the water, past Madame Zola’s hat to Marie looking down at the viewer, by filming the hat floating in a tank through a mirror placed on the floor of the tank. We then matted in the shot of Marie.

Another difficulty we faced was the sound of very busy traffic passing by the sequences filmed in the village streets. The sound editor (Mark Finlay) painstakingly replaced each of these traffic sounds with a seagull sound effect recorded for this purpose earlier in the day.

Zombie Asockalypse (2009)

6 mins Colour

"Zombie Asockalypse" Still

Hidden in an isolated farmhouse, a band of misfits face the onslaught of an army of sock puppet zombies! Comedy-Horror Animation.
Zombie Asockalypse featured on BBC 2 ‘The Culture Show’ July 2012


Joe Peat, Paul Bruce, Margaret Henderson, Gregor Fergie, Justine Blair, Deborah Farnish

Directed by Paul Bruce, Screenplay by Gregor Fergie, Music by Iain Stephen

The Karaoke Killers (2008)

16 mins Colour

"Karaoke Killers" Still

Set in the murderous world of Karaoke competition, Natasha dreams of being a Karaoke star, encouraged by Mumsie – her ruthless and obsessive mother.
Meanwhile, the rule of reigning champion the Babymaker is under threat by Bernie and his psychotic partner Otto. Can Natasha survive the bloodshed and take to the stage at last, or will she be just another victim of the Karaoke Killers?


  • Bernie Arthur Finlay
  • Tunnel Victim Paul Bruce
  • Psycho Otto Iain Stephen
  • Wheels Stephen Laskowski
  • Natasha Esther Cohen
  • Mumsie Margaret Henderson
  • Babymaker David Barclay
  • Mr Scrimgeour James Watt
  • Piper Dougal Burnett
  • Backing Singer Laura Fyfe
  • Gillian 1 Gillian Potts
  • Gillian 2 Gillian Dye

~ ~ ~

  • Lighting Margaret Henderson
  • Driving Stephen Laskowski
  • Costumes Paul Bruce & Margaret Henderson
  • Sound Recording Margaret Henderson & David Barclay
  • Editing Arthur Finlay & Paul Bruce
  • Music Arthur Finlay, David Barclay & Iain Stevens
  • Score performed by David Barclay, Arthur Finlay & Esther Cohen
  • Cinematography Lou McLoughlan
  • Production Assistants Debbie Farnish & Margaret Henderson
  • Lighting provided by Ailie Cohen
  • Screenplay Paul Bruce
  • Directors Paul Bruce & Arthur Finlay
  • Producers Paul Bruce, Arthur Finlay & Margaret Henderson

Trailer Trash (2005)

10 mins Colour

"Trailer Trash" Still

An alternative-reality history of Scottish cinema in trailer form, from the adventures of McTarzan to the bizarre belly-slapping duet in ‘Hillbilly Thrills’.


    • Cast Arthur Finlay, David Barclay, Paul Bruce
    • Margaret Henderson, James Watt

~ ~ ~

  • Directed by Arthur Finlay & Paul Bruce

Spawn of Trailer Trash (2006)

10 mins Colour

"Spawn of Trailer Trash" Still

The sequel to Trailer Trash, Spawn of Trailer Trash features the bizarre adventures of a man trapped in a Gorilla suit, the crime-battling guitar-wielding Detective Rock, an Invisible Cretin and the superhero adventures of Unemployedman.


    • Cast Arthur Finlay, David Barclay, Paul Bruce
    • Margaret Henderson, James Watt

~ ~ ~

  • Directed by Arthur Finlay & Paul Bruce

Mikey Brown (1991)

30 mins B/W

Mikey Brown is a luckless victim of the early 90s recession, living on welfare, haplessly looking for work and in love with his new flatmate, the hard-to-impress Annie. On his way back from another ill-fated employment opportunity, Mikey encounters Sean Connery, down on his luck and living in a concrete pipe. Can Sean’s Bond-like seduction techniques help him lure the unwilling Annie?

Meanwhile Mikey's friend Ross is being hunted by a Cockney gangster with a line in bad puns. A classic Leith Media Group Film with rare footage of pre-Yuppie Leith in the early 1990s.


  • Cast James Watt, Deborah Farnish, Paul Bruce, James Reid
  • Screenplay Paul Bruce
  • Directed by Paul Bruce & James Reid